Slippery Restaurant Kitchen Floor Tile Replaced With Durable Anti-Slip Floor Paint (Coating)

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In the course of meeting customer needs for non-slip floor coatings or non-skid floor paint (coating) there is always time set aside to discuss the most important aspect of any floor coating installation- worker safety.

Yes, applying concrete epoxy or cement urethane coatings to protect the flooring surface is protection of a company asset and therefore very important.

It goes without saying that company employees are the highest level asset requiring the highest considerations for safety and protection to avoid a commonplace injury: slip and fall accidents.

Fortunately, with careful attention to detail, many of these accidents are avoidable. Most every industrial and commercial facility has areas of varying exposure to these accidents.

A thorough evaluation of the non-slip coating materials selected and methods of application of the floor coatings can result in many different degrees of traction and anti-slip resistance.

Wherever there are liquids present on the floor, there are opportunities for a slip and fall accident. Areas around production machinery subject to spillage of materials like oil, water, chemicals need a high degree of anti-slip protection using a non-skid concrete paint (coating).

Stair treads, both interior and exterior, need to be protected with specially manufactured anti-slip stair treads. Non-slip coatings for wood need to be considered when a higher degree of slip resistance would promote safer footing.

Also, pay particular attention to ramps and areas of tight radius turns of forklifts. Wherever vehicles are involved, a highly specialized epoxy anti-slip floor coating can provide many levels of traction improvement.

A ramp coating helps insure against vehicular accidents in these accident prone areas.

Be sure to discuss these needs with a knowledgeable floor coating manufacturer who can provide information traction-enhanced coatings for employees in production areas, anti-slip stair treads custom sized for your facility, as well as traction protection for areas where vehicular traffic is present.

The loading dock is an example of an area that can be transformed to a very slippery flooring surface during a rain storm or inclement weather.

Non-Slip epoxy coating is frequently used for this application.  Pedestrian walkways and stairs in commercial parking garages are partially of fully exposed to the weather and non-skid coatings help avoid patron slip and fall incidents.

The facility owner, manager and safety director working together can show employees that the company cares about personal worker safety.

It has been proven time and again that your decisions in their behalf carry a powerful message. The payback for providing worker safety by adding traction enhancement to walking surfaces is employee loyalty and productivity.

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