Commercial Kitchen Floors – From Slippery Tile to a Seamless Floor Coating

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What’s happening in this video…The Culinary Institute of America is fixing their commercial kitchen floors – Replacing the slippery quarry tile floor with a seamless, anti-slip floor coating that will provide an easy to clean surface while protecting the floor from thermal shock and helping to ensure safe footing for all employees and culinary students.

“We live on the cutting edge of culinary technology and the floors are no exception to this standard. We are very pleased with our new floor.” ~ Executive Chef, Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY

Frequently asked questions about repairing old floor tile in commercial kitchens

Resurfacing commercial kitchen restaurant floors –  FAQ #6

Most old commercial kitchens have quarry tile floors.  There is a major shift in replacing the tile floor with a seamless floor coating.  What is the best floor coating to use for commercial kitchens and why isn’t tile considered “good enough” anymore?

Shutting down two commercial kitchens in ramping up for the new academic season at The Culinary Institute of America, this kitchen flooring project had a “time is of the essence” obstacle from the very onset.

Working in conjunction with ongoing culinary student programs and coordinating the schedule of a urethane cement commercial flooring installation with the executive chef kept a positive tension of teamwork throughout floor resurfacing project.

Yet knowing the timing and the executive chef’s demands to meet the deadlines for completion of replacing old quarry tile flooring with a urethane cement seamless floor coating was a daunting task. The timely completion of this urethane cement overlay on the CIA’s kitchen floors was paramount.

Working in tight quarters and moving from room to room was most difficult. The flooring installation team had to be able to work in these tight quarters – mixing, troweling, rolling, squeegee applying, and broadcasting sand all had to happen spontaneously and without error

Quarry tile replaced with a seamless kitchen floor coating

The existing quarry tile floor was intact but severely damaged in most of the high impact areas of this commercial kitchen.

Using a urethane cement self-leveling scratch coat [Mortarthane™ SLP] to hide any potential telegraphing of the quarry tile’s joint lines was the first line of defense in the areas where a urethane cement broadcast system was specified.

A second coat was applied with throwing in aggregate [Garon Grit™ 120] for extra traction. Later a final topcoat of urethane cement [Mortarthane™ TC] was applied leaving The Culinary Institute with a truly monolithic floor – urethane cement from the bottom up, all the way through.

In other areas of the CIA’s kitchen, a hand-troweled urethane cement mortar [Mortarthane™ HF] with a urethane cement topcoat [Mortarthane™ TC] included a light broadcast of a traction-enhanced aggregate to provide the kitchen floors an ADA, USDA, FDA and OSHA complaint floor.

An anti-slip AND protective commercial kitchen flooring surface

The Culinary Institute of America reopened their commercial kitchen for the new season on time. This was most important requirement of the CIA.

The urethane cement floor coating systems installed throughout several areas of the kitchen were specified by the architects for this flooring project because of their ability to withstand thermal shock from hot ovens, boiling water and hot flooring wash downs.

Impact and abrasion resistance from falling kitchen utensils and cart traffic were also important requirements as well as chemical resistance to the food by products falling on the floor and cleaning ingredients used in the Institute’s daily floor cleaning process. A seamless epoxy flooring option would not have held up in this environment.

The non-slip floor coating requirement was also high on the list of must-have’s and will help keep students and faculty productive and on their feet for years to come.

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