Urethane Mortar Application for Dog Kennel Floors

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What’s happening in this video…dog kennel floors. 

This dog kennel flooring experienced complete failure from two different floor coating/resurfacing products within a one-year period due to incorrect floor coating specification and poor surface preparation of the concrete floors in their facility.

The dog containment areas as well as the kennel flooring throughout the animal holding facility, were in desperate need of a seamless flooring solution.

“Garon assured me that there would be virtually no odor during installation which enabled me to house my dogs within adjacent areas of the kennel where the products were being installed. It also saved me the time and expense of having to contract with outside facilities to house the dogs.” Dan added, “Since the urethane system cured quickly, we were able to activate the kennel in less than 24 hours after the project was completed. We love it!”~ Dan G., Owner 

The two prior floor coatings failed to protect the concrete slab because the dog kennel’s environmental conditions such as extreme temperature changes, floor exposure to animal scratching and waste, and cleaning processes such as daily hot steam powerwashing were not taken into consideration.

These facility environmental conditions resulted in exposed aggregate and abrasion damage to the concrete, steel reinforcing rod corrosion in the concrete slab, control joint deterioration, and premature cracking of the slab.

Based on the consideration of causes and on-site inspection of floor thermal cycles during routine activities, such as hot steam power washing, temperature extremes and chemical attack from uric acid, as well as the need for non-slip abrasion resistance for solid human and animal traction and overall aesthetics related to color and gloss retention, a seamless, high-build thickness cementitious urethane floor resurfacing system was specified.

The cementitious urethane concrete floor resurfacing system was installed on time and on budget with minimal disruption to daily business and potential harm to human or animal health.

dog kennel floors

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