Concrete Floor Finishes includes a Top Coat Application

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What’s happening in this video…Applying concrete floor finishes like this one is as easy as dipping a roller into a tray and applying evenly on top of the previously applied coating once it has cured (dried).

This urethane top coat [Garon’s Hi-Gloss™] protects with added chemical resistance and protection against fuel and lubricant leakage from heavy vehicular traffic – important considerations when used this way on a firehouse floor.

Frequently asked questions about applying a top coat to coated concrete floors…

Why apply a top coating of high gloss urethane on a firehouse floor?

High gloss urethane for a firehouse floor is a great concrete flooring system to use, especially when applied in a clear color on the concrete flooring.  Aesthetics are very important.  These men and women want to have a floor, usually decorative concrete, that matches the color of their company, their ladder company or their logo.

And putting the clear aliphatic on the concrete flooring as opposed to a clear epoxy floor sealer is a better way to go in terms of chemical resistance.

So, the aliphatic urethane family will resist, to a much higher degree the chemicals that they deal with in that area. Even washing the fire truck, they usually pull them out to the pavement outside but when they bring them in they still have residue falling on that concrete floor surface.

For this reason, a polished concrete floor surface or even the application of  tile products is not ideal for firehouse concrete floors.  Products such as these are poor choices for the firehouse concrete slab and only specific concrete floor coatings should be chosen for this type of application.

And because they do maintenance inside these trucks, having a clear aliphatic urethane over beautifully decorated concrete floors is the reason to choose that product.  Because it’s chemical resistant, it has a very good abrasion resistance and it’s got a high scratch resistance.

That’s why you want to use that kind of top coat on an epoxy floor coating. Because most of these concrete floors after all are decorative in nature, using a clear top coat floor finish won’t spoil the aesthetic appearance of the floor.

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