Installing Line Striping for Firehouse Flooring

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What’s happening in this video…after the firehouse floor coating system was installed in this firehouse, the floor was now ready for the final finishing touches that were most important to the crew.

In this video, you will see the installer using a string to quickly snap a red chalk line to form a straight edge, then the chalk lines are taped off with painters tape so it can be easily removed after applying the line striping coating.

The fire engine bay area needed four lines to serve as a guide when backing in the trucks. The line striping not only needed to “pop out” visually but also needed to be made of a material that would resist hot tires, UV Rays and daily truck wash downs.

The firehouse crew wanted a more durable line striping paint than what they had used previously in their other truck bay. The line paint they used in the other truck bay was an acrylic line striping paint that didn’t provide much wear and tear resistance.  It peeled up after only a short while.

The line striping product specified for application to the new firehouse flooring was a polyaspartic urethane coating which has excellent long term resistance against abrasion, UV rays, and hot rubber tires. This coating is about 10 times thicker than the traditional acrylic paint used for line striping.

The end result gave this firehouse floor a long term line striping solution for many years to come.

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