Smooth Concrete Floor Paint Over Cracked Floor Areas

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Frequently asked questions about floor paint and coatings…

“My floor has many cracks, broken areas and joints. How do I fix all these problems so that everything is seamless and smooth again?”

All those hairline cracks, joint edge cracks, all those things are part of the preparation of the floor prior to the concrete floor paint and coating installation of the seamless coating system.

Different cracks require different types of preparations. Number one, there’s moving joints versus non-moving joints. Expansion joints that are pre-engineered should remain.

They should be seen and they should be cut afterwards because you cannot stop floors from expanding and retracting, contracting as time goes on.

Hairline cracks or random cracks in the floor usually would be routed out and opened up so the edges are clean and a rigid substrate has been achieved.

You can add the loose material (aggregates) of different sizes based on the size of the cracks to be filled. Depending on the floor coating system you’re using, match the type of concrete patching material to the coating system you’re going to put on top of it.

So if you were going to use an epoxy flooring system, you would use some type of epoxy repair mortar. Manufacturers sell epoxy resin with aggregate.

If you’re going to do a cementitious urethane you would use some type of cementitious urethane patching material. It’s always best to use similar products.

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