Old Restaurant Kitchen Flooring Is Overhauled With A Seamless Floor Coating

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What’s happening in this video…The restaurant kitchen flooring was completely replaced.  The floor was prepared by replacing the existing unstable, rotted plywood with a new 2- 3/8” marine-grade plywood needed to support the weight of heavy urethane mortar and to reduce floor movement.

The application of a urethane mortar topcoat [Mortarthane™ HF Top Coat] to the first coat of urethane mortar provides key advantages such as longevity and wear-ability, slip resistance – important for employee safety and in compliance with ADA requirements – and aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, a 4” cove mortar [Mortarthane™ Cove Mortar] was applied to seal up and waterproof the edges of the restaurant kitchen flooring work space ensuring a water-tight cove to prevent leakage into the basement and bacteria buildup.

Circus’ restaurant kitchen floor had over 50 years of linoleum in multiple layers on its floor and needed a face lift before its annual big top opening in March.

The restaurant faced every conceivable restaurant flooring challenge – leaking problems that needed to be fixed in the above-grade sub-floor, an uneven surface that resulted in cracks, sticky tile linoleum that was littered with grease, hot oil and stains, as well as needing to provide a smooth yet slip resistant flooring surface that is easy to clean.

The commercial kitchen flooring needed a more durable, long-lasting floor that would support the daily harsh environment of cooking by-products from deep fat fryers and commercial ovens, and necessary powerwash cleaning with water temperatures up to 250-300°F.

Rather than apply a commonly used epoxy floor coating, which can pop off at extreme temperatures, urethane mortar [Mortarthane™ HF] was chosen for its durable properties – its ability to withstand extremely hot water power washing necessary to kill bacteria and other health threats in compliance with USDA requirements.

Although epoxy flooring is often used in such areas because of its seamless flooring benefit, that is an out of date choice these days for flooring restaurant areas, as urethane mortar flooring systems have taken over as the only option that outlasts epoxy floors by 100 fold.

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