Avoid Facility Shutdowns During a Floor Coating Installation

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Frequently asked questions about facility shutdowns during a floor coating application…

“We have a substantial warehousing operation, and while our traffic is not that heavy, we see dusting from the concrete on the packaging.

Some areas are worse than others. We just want to coat the floors with a clear coating to eliminate the dust. What is the best way to do this?”

Well, if you have a large enough facility and you don’t want to shut everything down, you may want to get the floor coating installation done in phases. The installer would come in and would do a light shot blasting. Then work a couple aisles at a time and just put down.

There are a variety of clear sealers. Some are applied in one step; some are applied in two steps. Jobs like that are more about timing and confidence in your installer. So that way you know you have a good working relationship and then you can do different things.

Phasing through a large facility like that is really not that difficult, because it doesn’t take much effort to relocate one aisle worth of material to free it up for 24 to 36 hours. Those jobs are all about timing issues.

Then of course, there’s the other issue of shot blasting versus diamond grinding. These are all issues that come down to which sealer you’re going to use and how much texture you want afterwards.

Again, when you’re talking about it, your main issue is just to stop dusting. It’s not really any water issue; it’s not chemical impact. It really comes down to finding the right installer to do the right job. On the jobs like that, I usually prefer diamond grinding.

For speed’s sake, a lot of installers will actually shot blast first and then diamond grind, which is actually the preferred way, because it just makes it go a lot faster. But many installers do not own both types of equipment, so you have to find the right installer for the best floor coating outcome.

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