Urethane Mortar Is The Ultimate Solution For A Meat Processing Cold Room Floor Coating

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What’s happening in this video...this cold room floor coating application is a urethane mortar [Garon’s Mortarthane™ HF] being applied at a ¼” nominal thickness in a cold vault of a meat processing facility.

The adjacent meat production rooms remain in critical mass output during the entire seamless flooring installation since Mortarthane™ is non food tainting and has no odor properties.

Paramount is that meat production continue in concert with the urethane cement flooring installation happening in the next room.  Both sides of the equation are operating in tandem without disruption of meat production or flooring installation.

Since this meat processing plant contracts with some of the biggest brand names and wholesalers in the food business nationally and must comply with critical delivery deadlines, revenues were at stake for them, and meeting the owner’s flooring completion schedule meant no disruption to the company’s meat production.

It was critical that the right concrete flooring material specification was written and followed by the installers and that the owners had zero disruption of their revenue stream while meeting the demands of their distributors.

The new flooring system had to meet a maximum 36-hour shutdown to complete the flooring project with only 8-10 hours after that before the floor is put back into service.

The specified floor coating system install and curing schedule must meet these time demands while other adjacent areas of the company continue meat processing and stay in full production.

The concrete flooring application area here will be in one of this facility’s several meat processing rooms and will require the new floor coating to maintain compliance with FDA, ADA, OSHA and USDA.

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