Industrial manufacturing facility floors take a beating.  There is no exception for this auto parts manufacturer.  To say that the facility aisle-ways are busy is an understatement.  The aisle ways have constant heavy forklift traffic in this 24/7 production and warehousing area. The 45 year old  concrete floor had multiple coats of peeling floor coating […]

When it comes to sealing concrete floors to protect from water seepage, the best way to stop water and to prevent bacteria growth is to apply a cove at the floor/wall joint.  Food Manufacturer’s must arm themselves with this approach if they want to keep their food production floor clean and bacteria-free. Food manufacturing facilities […]

This NYC restaurant kitchen floor is over 100 years old and is on a second floor of a century old building.  There was layer upon layer of old wood built up over the years yet the floor was structurally sound thus did not need a replacement. New plywood was laid over the old floor and […]

This maple syrup production facility was recently just built from the ground up. The maple syrup processing facility had two rooms to protect from the environmental conditions in the maple syrup production process. One of these rooms was the Tank Room where the chances were high for sugar to fall on the floor and corrode the concrete if […]

This meat processing facility floor had an old epoxy floor coating that was delaminating. It just couldn’t hold up to the environmental conditions of freezing room temperatures and daily hot water (over 200 degrees) wash-downs. There were several areas of concrete floor damage. See how this meat processing facility floor gets the ultimate in protection […]

The owners of this glass manufacturing facility needed a floor that could withstand heavy machinery and forklift traffic. The current floor had cracks and uneven surfaces due to the production process and heavy transport of cargo. They needed a durable floor coating that could withstand the impact and dragging of heavy industrial machinery and one […]

Bakery flooring in hot oven production rooms need the ultimate protection.  Thermal shock from high heat and hot water wash downs deteriorated this bakery floor.  Coating it with the right product to protect this concrete floor was critical. The facility owners were dealing with a badly pitted concrete floor throughout the production area. It deteriorated […]

This aircraft hangar floor coating was applied by the military’s in-house crew. This floor coating provides a clean, seamless look while protecting the concrete floor from aircraft wheels and leaking lubricants from aircraft needing repair. Watch how easy it is to apply this floor coating with a squeegee and roller. See the products used for […]

Unprotected bakery floors see some of the most severe floor damage.  That’s because flour, sugar, hot water, and heat erode bare concrete floors as quickly as a chemical/acid attack. The owners of this baking facility had concrete floor damage underneath the oven line from high heat and hot steam during the production process. Since the […]

Concrete floor coatings protect the floor from the environment they are exposed to.  This firehouse floor used an epoxy floor coating system for the ultimate in protection and safety. Coating products used for this concrete floor coatings installation. Water-Based Colored Epoxy Sealer – TIGERSKIN™ All Purpose Epoxy Coating – TIGERBOND ™ 221 ULTRA Urethane Top Coat – […]