Food Safe Flooring for Maple Syrup Processing Plant Floor

This maple syrup production facility was recently just built from the ground up. The maple syrup processing facility had two rooms to protect from the environmental conditions in the maple syrup production process.

One of these rooms was the Tank Room where the chances were high for sugar to fall on the floor and corrode the concrete if not protected.

Products used for this floor coating application:

See how the tank room floor receives floor corrosion protection, prevent slips and falls and and complies with FDA and OSHA standards.:

The Problem – New facility floor needed a protective coating in less than 30 days!
food safe flooring
The Complexity: Floor coating had to be applied under tanks.
food safe flooring
The Solution: A flowable cementitious urethane floor coating for hard to reach areas.
food safe flooring
The Result: A smooth urethane floor coating able to withstand the syrup production environment

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