Restaurants – commercial kitchens

Commerical kitchens are exposed to the most brutal flooring conditions…extreme high heat, hot oil spillage, food spillage, bacteria contamination, hot water power washing, and more. It’s no wonder restaurants are highly regulated by the FDA, USDA, and OSHA. Worker safety and customer safety demands it.

See How These Restaurants Solved their Commerical Kitchen Floor Problems:


restaurant kitchen floor
Replacing Damaged Quarry Tile
Find out what replaced this quarry tile restaurant kitchen floor.
unique floor coverings
Suspended Century Old Floor
Watch this unusual restaurant kitchen floor coverings installation.
commercial kitchen flooring
New Bacteria-Free Surface
Just ripped up your quarry tile commercial kitchen flooring? See next easy step here…
restaurant kitchen flooring
50-Year Old Linoleum Layers
Can you coat marine-grade plywood for restaurant kitchen flooring?
industrial floors
Resurfacing Old Peeling Paint
Resurfacing industrial floors and commercial kitchen floors with urethane mortar.