Floor Coating Secrets Revealed — On The Job

Floor Coating Application Tips By Industry

Learn From These Live Concrete Floor Surface Coating and Resurfacing Installations

  • Aircraft Hangars: See popular coatings being used today for aircraft hangar floors
  • Anti-Slip Coating Applications: Look at some ways to protect your floor and help prevent slip and fall accidents
  • Coatings for Concrete Floors: Each Type provides varied levels of protection…see how
  • Concrete Floor Repair: Sealing and resurfacing application nightmares can be avoided with prior concrete floor repair.
  • Epoxy Flooring: How to turn your facility floor into a showcase using epoxy coating systems.
  • Floor Surface Coatings: Typical uses of coatings & resurfacer applications — using different installation methods.
  • Food Plants: When it comes to coating a food plant floor, function comes first.  See how each floor area receives a different approach.
  • Industrial Floors: Coating systems for high traffic industrial floors need to be selected carefully. Here are some of our top video tips.
  • Freezer Floors and Walk-In Coolers: Watch coating applications that withstand below freezing conditions.

Coatings for Aircraft Hangar Floors

Military, commercial, corporate and private aircraft hangar floors all have the same floor protection needs.

The specified products must withstand chemical attack of aviation chemicals and jet fuels. The typical aircraft hangar floor environment requires a light reflective coating so that anything on the floor can be easily identified and removed if needed.

Heavy loads on the concrete floor surface should be addressed in the product selection in addition to a floor surface that is easy to clean and non-skid at the same time.

The final appearance of the floor must be entirely smooth throughout without any uneven surfaces. Finally, a 100% solids solvent free coating system ensures worker safety. The protective coating must cure quickly to put the aircraft hangar back into service with an absolute minimum down time.

Coatings for Concrete Floors

The function of a concrete floor covering is often unappreciated and overlooked. The word that should be associated with the subject is “protective”.

The term “protective coatings” should begin every conversation in this subject area. Floor resurfacing costs range from minimal to very expensive; however, having to replace a concrete slab or floor that was not adequately protected from its service environment, can be exceedingly expensively.

So the selection of a commercial grade epoxy or cement urethane system always addresses the use of the floor needing protection. From simple epoxy concrete sealers to more sophisticated coating systems, the cost will often rise to the level of protection required.

A knowledgeable manufacturer with of a wide range of epoxy coating kits, nano epoxy, cementitious urethane resurfacers, polymer flooring,polyaspartics and exotic custom hybrid systems should be able to specify the level of protection you require, even for the homeowner seeking to coat their garage floor.

Floor Surface Coatings

The transformative power of new floor surface coatings applied to an old concrete floor may take you by surprise.

Employees are often observed having a more “upbeat tempo” attitude. The new floor is now a point of pride to everyone including the CEO or manager of the facility.

Typically you’ll see customers invited on plant tours, often escorted by the CEO. Maintenance personnel are usually quite vocal about the new opportunities to keep a well maintained facility with an easy to clean floor surface.

Pleasing corporate colors, floor striping, special non skid coatings for specific areas and even a corporate logo can be included in the floor design considerations for a commercial or industrial floor.

These intangibles are seldom considered but can have enormous payback in company morale.

Food Plants

Food plant floors are subject to a myriad of considerations prior to the proper specification of a problem solving coating.

Owing to the regulatory oversight of this industry and use of ingredients that are abusive to concrete floors together with cleaning temperatures and chemical treatments, this industry is perhaps the single most challenging to preserve and protect concrete floors. Cementitious urethane coatings are often the sought after solution for these types of environments.

Experience on the part of a coating manufacturer really counts when developing a specification for food plant floors. Correct product selection, knowledge sharing and superior customer service are the foundation of success. Choose your partner wisely.

Always consult the manufacturer for product specification guidance. Never rely upon the experience of a contractor alone to specify industrial floor coating products to be used.

Freezer Floors and Walk-In Coolers

Cold storage facilities, walk in freezers and extremely cold environments present challenges to the building owner or facility manager.

Most often, these facilities cannot be shut down for flooring repair or resurfacing.

The solution to these floor challenges is first and foremost the correct material specification that addresses the problem.

Once this has been done, an experienced contractor must be chosen who has a track record of success in not only applying the product but also all the steps that lead up to the protective coating application.

Material storage, mixing techniques, concrete floor preparation (including testing and evaluation of slab conditions) in addition to special coating and resurfacing application techniques are the exclusive province of the contractor.

This is one of the most difficult areas of coating and floor repair and requires physical strength and frequent crew rotation.